Nefud Expedition 2024

Expedition 2024 Route

The principal objective of the expedition is to path-find novel routes to cross the Nefud desert – the “Sun’s Anvil”. The expedition duration is three weeks and will cover more then 3200 Km (2000 miles)

Expedition Route

Departing from Port Said on the Egyptian Mediterranean coast the expedition of six members in three vehicles will proceed as follows:
  • Southeast (SE), crossing of the Sinai desert via Wadi al Arish
  • Cross into Jordan at Aqaba and into Saudi Arabia (SA) at Haql
  • Provisioning at Al Jahara, then progress SE via the Mada in Salih archeological site before turning east to Ha’il
  • Ha’il: Start point on the Nefud crossing
  • Crossing the Nefud pathfinding a course generally Northwest (NW) and crossing the Sun’s Anvil depression. The crossing is completed on reaching Al Hawi
  • Resupply at Al Tubarq
  • Cross into Jordan at Al Mudawwarah and explore the SA/Jordan borderlands
  • Return to Aqaba via Wadi Rum
  • Return to Port Said via Sinai
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