Nefud Expedition 2024

Sponsorship opportunities


The expedition team invites sponsorship in a number of areas
  • Funding for discreet phases of the operation: 1. Training 2. Transport and logistics 3. Provisioning

  • Provision of three vehicles. This high-profile expedition will test the marketed off -road attributes and capabilities your vehicle in this harshest of proving grounds. In an era where the terrain conquering abilities of hitherto purely designed off-road vehicles are diminished to provide comfort during the school-run, it is still the promise of genuine off-road pedigree and capability that sells. For those vehicles that are still primarily sold as work vehicles (for example trucks), a successful transit and completion of the expedition will further prove the vehicle’s ability in a crowded marketplace.
  • Provision of equipment. Equipment will be thoroughly tested in this extreme environment and products visibly placed and described in all media outputs

Question: What do you get for supporting us?

A fully bespoke package to showcase your product or company involvement through visual and printed media, product showcasing, social media and the film of the expedition would be made for your own requirements in marketing and corporate communications.
Your logo will also be prominently displayed and linked to the expedition through conventional media, social media, on the website and through visual branding such as stickers on the expedition vehicles and team clothing.

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